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Lori Crivelli: The ultimate Team Mom
Helps run popular T-shirt shop; never misses kids games
Lori Crivelli attends the Turlock High School Winter Princess rally last year to support her daughter Courtney Crivelli. - photo by Photo Contributed

Being the child of a working mom can be hard, but it’s a little easier when your mom is involved in a local family business. 

Courtney Crivelli, 17, is a senior at Turlock High School and her parents Lori and Greg own Crivelli’s Shirts and More, a downtown store that is known for producing school spirited gear. From embroidering letterman jackets to screening custom t-shirts, Courtney has even been thanked by students at school for her family’s role in providing them their school spirited gear which wouldn’t be possible without the help of her mom Lori. Although Lori sells insurance, she can often be found at the family store helping clients and keeping the financials in order. 

“She mainly does all of the business aspects for the store, she keeps everything organized,” explained Courtney. 

Courtney has an older brother Nick, 23, and sister Kayla, 24, and their mom Lori not only supports the family store, but also supports her children in their endeavors. An athletic family, Courtney has played volleyball at Turlock High as well as for a competitive club and she could always count on seeing her mom in the crowd. With a bumper sticker on her car that spells “Mom” with a volleyball as the “o”, Lori is proud of her children’s athletic success but her support extends beyond sports. 

“She wanted us all to play sports but she also made sure that we kept our grades up. School has always been very important,” said Courtney, who will be attending the University of California, Irvine in the fall.

Lori’s emphasis on education and athletics is a symbol of her goal-oriented nature which Courtney admires. From being involved in the school’s Booster Club to coaching softball when the kids were younger, Lori has been a role model for her children in more ways than one.

“She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She’s shown me that as long as I work hard, I can accomplish anything,” said Courtney.