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Silverado sets gold standard in outdoor decor
Sue Zigent and Paula Hale of Silverado Building Materials and Nursery in Ripon straighten up a flower display in preparation for weekend customers. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL

• PLACE: Silverado Building Materials and Nursery

• LOCATION: 460 S. Stockton Ave, Ripon

• HOW TO GET THERE:  Take Highway 99 South to the Main Street exit (Ripon). Turn right. Make a left at the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp. The business will be two blocks down on the left.

• HOURS: Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday

• INFORMATION: Call 209.599.4543 or visit

RIPON – What do you think of when you picture a garden?

Flowers? Plants? A beautiful koi pond stocked full of expensive fish?

But what about an ornate walkway or a stone barbecue or permanent patio with a shade structure that turns those bright flowers and those lush, green groves into something that you can sit and enjoy for hours on end?

Welcome to the wonderful world of outdoor living. 

With California’s temperate climate and the lush, fertile soil of the San Joaquin Valley serving as the perfect cradle, gardening – whether it’s maintaining blossoming flowers of growing fruits and vegetables – is a regular part of life for many residents. 

And so is creating the perfect way to sit and enjoy the benefits of the long hours and the hard work. 

While home improvement big-box stores offer construction opportunities, specialty retailers like Silverado Building Materials and Nursery in Ripon cater almost exclusively to those looking to install high-class, ornate arrangements to backyards and homes. 

It’s one thing to barbecue on a beautiful gas grill. It’s another entirely when that grill is part of a finished oasis landscape that complements the jungle-like swimming pool or the deep, thick garden that takes every Saturday to prune and maintain. 

Silverado, tucked in on Stockton Avenue just off of Highway 99, also follows in the great Ripon tradition of offering a plentiful assortment of nursery items that can be used to complement any yard regardless of the time of year. Now that spring has arrived, annuals – bright and exploding with color – provide viable options. Citrus trees, sod, bulbs and perennials are also available and low-lying shrubs and rose bushes are popular with people looking to complement 

Here are a few things that you’ll be able to find at Silverado that’ll complement your yard nicely:

u Stonework – Whether it’s for decoration or precut sheets for a walkway, adding a little rock can go a long way towards improving the outward appearance of the yard. It also cuts back on the amount of water needed for maintenance. 

u Outdoor Kitchens – You know that Viking range you’ve talked about putting in the kitchen for years? Why not just put it outside instead? A wide variety of Viking options – long hailed as one of the preeminent brands in cookware – are available for those looking to take the plunge and move their food preparation outdoors. 

u Nursery Additions – Oversized pots. Wacky garden additions. Vines. Exotic finds. Silverado has ‘em all in one place, and offers on-site design services to make it easier for you to come up with the perfect plan to tie it all together. Whether you’re looking to put everything together yourself or elicit the help of a professional, nursery and garden additions are only a short drive away. 

Silverado Building Materials and Nursery is located at 460 South Stockton Avenue in Ripon. To get there take Highway 99 south to the Main Street exit (Ripon) and turn right. Make a left at the stop sign and the business will be two blocks down on the left. For additional information visit or call 209.599.4543.