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1930: Talkies come to Lyric Theatre
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90 years ago
March 26, 1920
Eleven men have filed for the office of trustee for the coming city election on April 12th. Among them are M. F. Cowell, incumbent, E. Lupton, R. E. Leventon, Carl Palm, A. S. Bomberger, A. G. Pennebaker, N. J. pplescow, H. W. Forgy, Ezra Keppel and George Marshall.

80 years ago
March 27, 1930
Famous motion picture stars will walk and talk and the music of popular and symphonic orchestras will be reproduced with new life-like effect from motion picture screens when the Lyric Theater in this city inaugurates tomorrow an entertainment program of the latest sound motion pictures. The Lyric will open a new era of entertainment in Manteca.

70 years ago
March 21, 1940
The high school auditorium was filled to overflowing Friday night for the annual presentation by the Young Women’s Service Club of the Manteca Town Hall Tonight program. It was necessary to place extra chairs to accommodate the crowd.

60 years ago
March 23, 1950
Selected to serve as queen of the annual Pentecostal celebration to be held June 17 and 18 by the FDESM Inc., is Miss Laura Mendes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mendes of Lathrop. The selection was announced following a meeting of the local society Sunday at its hall on Grant Avenue.

50 years ago
March 24, 1960
Manteca’s newest residential section is located near St. Anthony’s School and is bordered on the north by Alameda Street and on the south by North Street. More than 500 new homes have been built in Manteca during the past two years.

40 years ago
March 25, 1970
Manteca teachers will ask the unified school board for a new salary schedule ranging from $7,000 on the bottom step to $14,000 at the top, according to an announcement by Raymond R. Richardson, chairman of the negotiating committee of the Manteca Teachers Association (MTA). In May, 1968, teachers received their last hike when the present salary schedule was adopted.

30 years ago
March 23, 1980
The Manteca City Council voted unanimously last week to close down the Powers Avenue fire station May 1, changing it from a fire fighting center into an administration center. It decided the new Louise Avenue station and the old Center Street station would best serve the community because they are on different sides of the Southern Pacific tracks.

20 years ago
March 23, 1990
Nearly 400 students from local elementary schools participated in the Manteca Unified School District’s annual Science Fair Saturday at the Boys and Girls Club. Sponsored by MUSD’s Educational Program Improvement Committee (EPIC), the fair fielded participants from kindergarten through the eighth grade.

10 years ago
March 23, 2000
Manteca’s last known remaining residential sewer allocations were snapped up by 5 p.m. Wednesday. Developers, on Wednesday, issued the city checks for $491,144 for the right to pay as much as $2,429 per home within the next 12 months to actually hook to the city system. Should the developers fail to use the allocation by then, they are returned for redistribution and the city keeps the money they paid to reserve the allocation. Altogether, the city received $1,043,000 from the developers during the past two weeks.