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1934: City doubles water allowed for homes for $1.50
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100 years ago

April 3, 1914

The Board of Trustees of the Union Grammar School District , after going over several plans submitted and also visiting several schools, have accepted the design which was tendered by the firm of Young & Jeffrey, engineers and architects of Stockton, who have been awarded the work of designing the new school. The new school when completed will be located west of J. J. Overshiner’s home on Yosemite Avenue and will be up to date in every respect.


90 years ago

April 4, 1924

Guss Schmiedt was re-elected trustee for the Manteca Union High School by an overwhelming majority at the election held last Friday, polling 290 votes to his opponent’s 32. The office was contested by C. A. Grisham. Mr. Grisham’s name was not on the ballot as his papers were filed too late.


80 years ago

April 5, 1934

Special low rates on city water for six months beginning April 1 were voted by the city council at a meeting Monday night. Instead of 600 cubic feet for the minimum charge of $1.50, it was voted to allow 1,200 cubic feet. With the same rate last year, the patrons kept their lawns and gardens in much better condition.


70 years ago

April 6, 1944

Eddie Bobson, owner of the Manteca Cleaners, has purchased the Manteca French Laundry from Henry P. Loumena, according to an announcement made Monday. Mr. Loumena’s reason for selling is that expect s to leave soon for service in the armed forces.


60 years ago

April 1, 1954

Manteca High School Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of board member Henry Loumena at Monday night’s meeting and recommended to County Superintendent John R. Williams that the unexpired term be filled by Kent Miller of the M & J Tractor Company. The appointment is subject to a decision by the county superintendent.


50 years ago

April 1, 1964

Mr. J. L. Blanchard, Manteca Union High School superintendent, met with committee chairmen Gerry Knapp and John Iribarren and they were elated over the passage of the high school measures. Voters approved the $1,200,000 bond and a 23-cent override tax by a 3-1 margin. This will assure the building of the first unit of the new high school, to be located on North Union Road, for completion in 1966.


40 years ago

April 3, 1974

Pacific Gas & Electric Company construction crews are moving into the final phase of an $835,000 project to increase the power supply for electric customers in the Manteca area. PG&E’s Manteca substation will be strengthened by the addition of two new 17,000 volt circuits, according to John T. Iribarren, the company’s Manteca manager.


30 years ago

April 3, 1984

Manteca City Council members Monday night took a middle-of-the-road approach to raising sewer fees, dividing the increase between users and developers. In a 3-1 vote, with councilman Walt Edwards dissenting and Bill Perry abstaining, the council approved the second of three options which increase rates for single family homes from $3 to $5 monthly.


20 years ago

April 3, 1994

The battlefield was Manteca’s Northgate Park and the war was to see who could collect the most Easter eggs. The organized madness was the Noon Kiwanis’ 13th annual Easter Egg Hunt, an event that drew an estimated 1,000 children and their parents Saturday. “We have a pretty good turnout,” said event chairman Peter Nardella during the wildfire of activities. “It’s always a lot of fun.”


10 years ago

April 2, 2004

Wind gusts up to 48 miles per hour kept emergency crews busy most of Thursday in Manteca, Lathrop and Ripon. Most of the problems related to the unexpected wind storm involved downed trees. One tree that fell behind a house across the street from the Manteca Public Library caused a power outage that affected most of the downtown business district throughout the afternoon when it hit power lines sending live wires to the ground.