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1964: Flooding along San Joaquin & Stanislaus rivers
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100 years ago

January 1, 1915

Harvey Caldwell has had Morgan and Ed Wright at work with paint brushes on the interior of his shop. Caldwell’s enterprise is rewarded by a swell appearing barber shop.


90 years ago

January 2, 1925

George C. Buthenuth of the local fire department is hobbling around on crutches as a result of a severely sprained ankle received when he was thrown from a truck on which he was rushing to the fire which destroyed Edgar Cyr’s residence Saturday afternoon. The driver, unaware of what had happened, proceeded to the fire. Buthenuth, unable to walk, was picked up by Charles Jensen and taken to the scene of the fire.


80 years ago

January 3, 1935

E. Powers will guide the activities of the Manteca District Chamber of Commerce during the coming year. He was elected president at a re-organization meeting of the board of directors Thursday night. Other officers to serve the 1935 term are: A. D. Goodwin, first vice-president; Dr. A. J. Whitaker, second vice-president; H. B. Long, third vice-president; C. W. Forbes, secretary, and Leon C. Schwartz, treasurer.


70 years ago

January 4, 1945

The Manteca Library Association will be asked by the City Council to study the applications which have been received for the position of librarian and recommend an appointment. The Council, it was pointed out by Mayor Earl Roberts, is desirous of securing someone for the position who will meet with the approval of the patrons and also the San Joaquin County Library. It was felt that the Manteca Library Association was in a better position to determine these matters.


60 years ago

December 30, 1954

Cottage and Louise avenues became temporary casualties of the Manteca 99 bypass and are no longer open to through traffic. This condition will last approximately eight to 10 months, until structures are completed at those two crossings. A secondary road has been opened to the right of Cottage and runs along the north side of the freeway.


50 years ago

December 30, 1964

With no immediate change in the present storm forecast, rural area residents along the Stanislaus and San Joaquin Rivers are casting a wary eye at the rising waters and some flood damage has already been report ed. Caswell State Park, at the end of Austin Road, appears hard hit and excessive flooding of the park grounds does exist. Water was up to the steps of the snack bar at Wetherbee Lake, and extensive damage to the camp grounds was reported.


40 years ago

January 1, 1975

Attorney Duane Martin became Judge Duane Martin in a late afternoon ceremony in the Manteca Municipal Courtroom, which was filled to overflowing with members of the bar, the bench, city and county officials, friends and family of the Manteca lawyer. San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Chris Pappas administered the oath to the former Manteca City Attorney.


30 years ago

January 2, 1985

Ralph Jessee, the Manteca Police veteran who won in his bid for the Marshal’s office, has officially ended his 20-year tenure with the department. In a letter dated December 20 to Police Chief Leonard Taylor, the 42-year old police lieutenant said the resignation will be effective Sunday, just one day before he is sworn in as marshal.


20 years ago

December 31, 1994

City officials ended more than two weeks of speculation and a six-month search Friday by naming Sacramento Police Captain Richard Gregson as the Manteca Police Department’s new chief. Gregson, 51, will begin work on January 17. He replaces Willie Weatherford, who retired from the position in September after seven years.


10 years ago

January 6, 2005

It took just 28 minutes and $441,000 to finally resolve a five-year-old sewer billing dispute between Manteca and Lathrop. The two city councils met Wednesday for a presentation on how Manteca calculates depreciation for Lathrop’s 14.9 percent share of the municipal wastewater treatment plant. When Manteca Finance Director Suzanne Mutimer was through with her presentation, the Lathrop council voted unanimously to pay the bill.