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2nd murder on Locust in Manteca
Man killed during drive-by shooting
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A Manteca man in his early 20s  was killed while standing with a group of friends in front of a residence in the 300 block of South Locust Avenue  shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday.
Manteca Police Detective Sergeant Gregg Beall said a dark colored vehicle  drove by the home near the Southside Baptist Church and fired the deadly shot out the  window.  Witnesses said they heard at least five reports from a weapon near the intersection of Locust Avenue and Marion Street — three blocks south of West Yosemite Avenue.
Neighbors noted hearing blaring sirens coming from every direction for about five minutes.
Sunday night’s  shooting took place in the same neighborhood that witnessed a predawn shooting recently into a home on Locust where a 20-year-old witnessed a Jeep- styled vehicle flee from the area with him giving chase.  Police reports noted that the suspect drove by the home a second time with the driver allegedly brandishing a gun.
Sunday night saw response from the Manteca Police Gang Suppression Unit and from the State Department of Justice.  Officers were expected to stay on the scene for hours into Monday morning carrying out their investigation.
There was also a fatal shooting on Locust Avenue in recent weeks where three men broke into a home and the resident was killed at point blank range in front of his girlfriend and young child. Officers have made an arrest in that case.
Facebook subscribers who were neighbors were also exchanging information on their computers shortly after the incident occurred.  “This town is getting really bad,” one wrote.

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