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A highway welcome to Ripon
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A “Welcome to Ripon” sign along Highway 99 sign has been installed near the Main Street exit by a crew from Ripon Rotary and the City of Ripon with the blessings of Caltrans.
Harrison Gibbs, who was Ripon Rotary president two years ago, said this is the last of the projects that he didn’t see completed during his term.  Valued at several thousand dollars, the sign is covered with reflective paint and will be lighted in the nighttime hours.
Harrison was joined by current Rotary President Brett Nixon and Ripon Public Works director Ted Johnston and several other Rotarians who spread aggregate for the base of the structure. It is mounted on 6-by-8 inch support posts with break-away features in case it is hit by a vehicle.  It stands some 12-feet-high and follows the theme of the entry arches into the downtown.
The sign has been in the planning stages for more than a year and required Gibbs to meet with Caltrans officials to gain the appropriate permits and design approval.  Gibbs said he hopes the sign will draw more motorists off the northbound Highway 99 freeway and into the historic old downtown of the community.
When Gibbs served as president of the Ripon Rotary Club, he personally brought in more than 20 new members by himself, almost doubling the size of the service group.