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A new tune for dance regulations
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Manteca is revising the municipal ordinance governing dances after finding the wording is similar to the City of Stockton entertainment permit process that the U.S. District Court struck down as unconstitutionally vague.

The ordinance revision takes on urgency for Manteca now that it is trying to either get Club Leon to comply with municipal rules or else shut them down. Club Leon is located in the 200 block of West Yosemite where there has been repeated problems with minors being in the dance hall where liquor is being served as well as violence, and other issues with conduct outside the club.

The ordinance revisions include defining:

• “dance” and “dancing” as the movement of the human body accompanied by music or rhythm.

•”private dance” as a dance of 20 or more individuals that is limited to those persons individually invited to which no admission charge is made or if it is a dance conducted by a bona fide association organized and incorporated for benevolent , charitable, dramatic, literary or dancing purposes with an established membership and meetings.

•”public dance” as a dance that is open to the general public whether a fee or cover charge is imposed. It also includes live musical performances where fixed seating is or isn’t provided. It doesn’t, however, include a presentation of non-recorded or recorded music at a public gathering where such music is incidental and both the primary purpose of the event.

Permits will not be required for:

•dances conducted in park or recreational facilities owned and operated by the City of Manteca.

•any dance conducted by a religious organization or association.

•any dance conducted or sponsored by a bona fide organization formed for charitable, dramatic or literary purposes where 100 percent of the proceeds are used for the club, society or the association.

•any dance conducted by a school.

Applicants for dance permits must provide:

•the full name, present address, and telephone number of the applicant.

•previous addresses for the past five years of the applicant.

•a description of the dance including approximately how many people will attend, the location, the time and date, the admission fee being charged, and the names of those having the management or supervision of the applicant’s business.

•the proposed security arrangements for inside the premises and within 50 feet of the establishment.

•the number of security guards they will hire.

•the proposed arrangements for provision of emergency medical services.

•a statement in writing that the applicant has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the dance permit ordinance as well as the city’s noise ordinance.