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Drive-by sign pitch for Measure G
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Measure G support signs favoring the $159 million bond for Manteca Unified School District in the Nov. 4 election are popping up on doorsteps near schools.

It comes with a letter that reads as follows:

“Hello. . . My wife and I are both local Manteca Unified school teachers, and we wanted to ask a big favor if you that would help our students. I am hoping you would be willing to put this yard sign in your front yard to spread the word on Measure G. I apologize for not doing this in person, but along with teaching our students, I have about thirty school neighborhoods to cover. Measure G is a local school bond that will help fix and repair our schools so they are safer and secure for our students. For example, the carpet in my classroom is 28 years old and it has (duct) tape in eight different places. It would be great if you could place the yard sign so it receives maximum visibility for parents driving to and from school. If, however, you are uncomfortable with this, just let me know and I will be glad to pick up the sign from your house. Just leave the sign at your front door and I’ll drive by and pick it up. For more information, please go to . You can contact me via email at, or call or text me at 603-3767. Thank you so much for your team, and please contact me with any questions.

Carolyn and Ken Johnson”

Ken Johnson is president of the Manteca Educators Association.