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Frank Guinta, a man who has had big impact on young lives, battling cancer
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Frank Guinta — who has made a huge impact on the lives of countless young people over the years — has Stage IV esophageal cancer.

The owner of Chez Shari who never has hesitated to open his restaurant at the Manteca Golf Course for a worthy cause especially when it involves kids such as the East Union High JROTC has a long history of helping shape the lives of young people and steer them down the right path.

Most folks know Frank either through Chez Shari, when he was Manteca’s Mr. Gasoline with ownership of six gas stations at one time, or when he ran Frank’s Family Dining on North Main during a business career that has stretched 47 years so far.

You’d be hard pressed not to find a former employee that praises Frank as a fair guy who demanded and got a good day’s work in exchange for fair pay. Those who deal with him on a business level know he is a man of his word.

But arguably his biggest impact has been the 30 plus years he gave of his time to coach football, baseball, and basketball at the youth and high school levels. And it was more than just coaching. Talk to some of his former athletes and they will to the person tell you that Frank had an immeasurable impact on their lives.

Typical are the following comments provided by former players when Frank was inducted into the Manteca Hall of Fame in 2012.

• “Frank taught his players about the basics of life. He also ‘coached’ parents who wanted so much for their children, but who needed to understand there was ‘life after sports’.” — Mick Fount, former player and San Joaquin Founts Superintendent of Schools.

• ”Frank did a lot more than just coach the team the game of baseball. He developed men. He taught us to be good citizens of the community by taking the team to restaurants and the races and demanding the team act responsibly and respectively.” —  Dan Cunial, Sierra High teacher/coach and former player

• “He gave my son his first job and taught him a lot about responsibilities. I know of many other young men who Frank has helped besides my son. I see many of the young athletes we have coached in years past. They all speak very highly of Frank.” — Larry Shimel, Big Valley Christian High head football coach who had Frank as an assistant at Modesto Christian High.

• “He instills positive characteristics, a work ethic, loyalty, and generosity to the lives he touches.” — Greg Leland, Sierra High vice principal and former player.

• “I was severely injured in the line of duty, almost lost my life to a major surgery, I have been beat up, broke down, broke to my last penny, I walk funny, I am old and I have buried a son before he could bury me but her I stand. I am in love. I am successful, I am a mentor to some, I am a friend to others, I am a coach, I am a cop, I am happy, I have a beautiful family and I am still his friend to this day. All of this because he taught me character and discipline, love and compassion, self-worth and family.” — Jim Anderson, former player.