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Suggests Crothall should line dry laundry outside
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Del Web at Woodbridge resident Bill Goodwin has a solution for noise emitting from the new Crothall Helathcare Laundry Service located on Airport Way west of the north Manteca neighborhood.

if it’s not addressed  by Feb. 12, he suggests the city have the laundry service that employs 105 workers “go green” by hanging up outside the more than 22 million pounds of laundry they are currently on pace to process in a year.

Goodwin says its energy efficient and quiet save for perhaps some flapping in the wind.

Outside of putting controversial environmental artist Christo to shame for his elaborate wall of sheets art creations, such a solution is impractical for obvious reasons.

City Manager Karen McLaughlin said sound readings show the decibels are within legal ranges. That said the city’s code enforcement division will be taking more readings. The city may also explore to see if anything can be done to reduce the noise.

Crothall eventually will process 55 million pounds of laundry on an annual basis.

On the upside, the laundry uses only between 0.4 and 0.45 gallons of water for every pound of laundry washed compared to 2 to 2.5 gallons for household washing machines.

As for the significance of the Feb. 12 date, Goodwin says that’s when weather should start getting warmer prompting residents to open their windows and spend more times outdoors. Right now with colder days and nights Goodwin said the noise is less bothersome as most residents at Del Webb stay indoors.