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Teen returns wallet full of cash to owner
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If you found a wallet with a couple thousands of dollars in it what would you do?

That was an easy question for 16-year-old Matthew Hernandez of Lathrop to answer.

The Lathrop High student had just gotten his driver’s license on Saturday. His parents — Jamie and Toni Hernandez — let Matthew take the family car to Tower Mart to get a DVD from Red Box.

There he found a wallet stuffed with money as if someone had just cashed a check.

Matthew didn’t hesitate. He went inside to give the wallet to the clerk at the  same time a gentleman was asking the clerk about his wallet. Matthew asked the gentleman if it belonged to him.

The gentleman gave Matthew $40. The incident made both the stranger’s and Mathew’s day.

“He came home (and) he had told us what had happened,” noted his mom.

Matthew’s father told his son that he made the right decision and that he would be blessed for making the right choice.

“You always hear about young kids making wrong choices and you hardly hear about kids making the right decision,” his mom added.