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Tickets issued for rolling thru stop sign every 10 minutes
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You’d better think twice about rolling through that stop sign.
A Manteca Police traffic officer issued six tickets in less than an hour Wednesday afternoon for drivers who failed to come to a complete stop at the stop sign on Center Street at Fremont Avenue.
A nearby resident noted Manteca Police could keep three motorcycle officers busy from dawn to dusk writing tickets at the intersection.
In the past at least two vehicles have blown the stop sign to such a degree they hit a sign and even the optometry office across the street.

Manteca schools cut loses
by not accepting checks

Every wonder why Manteca Unified School District school sites more often than not won’t accept checks at student stores, to cover lost textbooks, or cover payments for student trips?
Here’s the answer from Jacqui Breitenbucher who serves as the Senior Director of Business Services/Chief Business Officer for the Manteca Unified School District: Sites have spent an exorbitant amount of time chasing down “insufficient funds” without much luck of collecting.
Breitenbucher notes there is no school board policy or directive to schools on whether to accept or not accept checks form parents.
Regardless of a school site’s policy on checks parents can still pay by money order or cashier’s check if they wish.
The district has set up online payment capability for parents on websites for each school.
And if they elected to pay in cash there are procedures in place that make sure receipts are issued.
Breitenbucher noted many school booster groups continue to accept checks.

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