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Too much homeless exposure at city park
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A Manteca businessman was irate with what he and his wife witnessed when they were having lunch Monday at a restaurant across from Library Park.

Sitting next to a window they were able to see homeless men bathing from a sink with the door open in one of the restrooms as they tried to enjoy their lunch. Other transients socialized beneath the gazebo across the park with bicycles and carts scattered around the area.   He was upset not only by the restroom exposure but by all the trash that had piled up in the park over the weekend from the daytime squatters.

They have a right to be there he said, but families with children and grandchildren also have a right to enjoy the facility and not be intimidated by their less than appropriate displays.  He said it was clear in driving by the park 10 to 20 days a week on his job that it should be a concern for city leaders especially given the proximity to children’s play equipment.