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Baby found wandering on busy street
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A two-year-old child with only diapers on was seen walking near a Black Lab Monday noon in the middle of Alameda Street causing motorists to pull to the side of the road for the child.

A man went to the door of one resident asking if the woman had a baby in diapers missing.  

“Hell no!,” she responded, “I know where my kids are – why do you ask sir?”

“Well, there’s a baby in just a diaper with a Black Lab with him just wandering in the middle of the streets.  He’s lost – can’t talk, ‘cause he’s probably not even 2 yet.  People passing have been getting out of their cars to remove the baby from the street.  He was on the corner of Mylnar and Alameda street,” the woman said on a social media platform.

Officers reportedly responded to the scene and soon found the child’s home where they counseled his parents.

Sgt. Jodie Estarziau said the child was returned to the 1000 block of Alameda Street after talking to concerned motorists and residents of the area.  

“Luckily it was in the middle of the day and not at 2 a.m. in the morning – we have had those too,” she said.