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Brunch of Hope in honor of Umbalin
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A “Brunch of Hope” in memory of Alice Umbalin is a special fundraiser for ovarian cancer education and outreach set for Saturday, Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Manteca Transit Center at 220 Moffat Blvd.

Umbalin  was well known throughout the medical community for her undying spirit and willingness to assist physicians and patients alike.

She became an icon in her own right, inspiring women with her hope, faith and love for her friends and confirming it with her endless smiles.

Her daughter Monica Somera said she loved to host brunches with her friends where she felt she could make everything good again removing fear and heartaches over her medical conditions.  Umbalin had great faith in her religion with a special dedication to the Blessed Mother.  In her last year suffering from ovarian cancer she would receive flowers from all her friends – taking them to the statue of the Mother of Jesus.

In her last months of fighting the terminal disease, she asked her husband Manuel to drive her to St. Anthony’s Church on North Street with her collection of flowers.  Parking at the curb, she remained in the car and watched as he carried the flowers to the Blessed Mother’s statue on the east side of the church.  That gave her great peace to see him lay the flowers at her saint’s feet, her daughter remembered.

The event is being sponsored by the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of California .  The funds are being raised to benefit Manteca area women affected by gynecological cancers and programs sponsored by the Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

She first worked in the North Street office of Dr. Oscar Eisner just east of North Main Street. The last doctor she served for was Dr. Maria Bacay.  She was constantly calling those she knew had been sick to see if they were doing well.  Daughter Monica remembers telling her that she shouldn’t be spending time on the phone since she had just been diagnosed with cancer.  “I know, but I just have to call someone to see how they are,” she would say.

Her daughter remembers how her mother would cherish all the get well cards she received from her friends in the community keeping them in a basket at the foot of her bed.

Each morning when she awoke she would ask for the basket and spent her morning going through the endless stacks of well wishes, recalling the special notes from the ones who wrote them and signed the cards.

For tickets call Jolene Omlin at 765.9645 or Monica Somera at 679.8950.  Tickets are available only prior to the event.