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Burglars try to break into occupied home
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Three men reportedly attempted a residential burglary in a neighborhood south of the 120 Bypass Friday shortly after 9 a.m. but they were frightened off when they realized someone was in the house.

A young mother and her three-year-old daughter were in the home in the 1700 block of Tickseed Way when the woman saw a maroon Kia pull up to the curb.  Two of the men got out of the vehicle and one banged on the front door.  When they didn’t get any response the car pulled away from the curb and the pair at the door went through a side gate and around to the rear of the house.

The woman said they appeared to be attempting to open a rear window to the house when she fled out her front door with her child and ran to the safety of a neighbor.  The men apparently heard the garage door go up and immediately exited out the side gate and were last seen running down the sidewalk.

Manteca officers swarmed the area attempting to establish a dragnet, but the trio had apparently escaped from the area before they arrived.  Tracy reported several residential burglaries last week where doors had been kicked in to gain entrance.