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Casa Flores eager to reopen after car crash 2 weeks ago
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Casa Flores Mexican restaurant at 1190 North Main Street – closed by a car crash two weeks ago – is expected to open its doors sometime next week.

Francisco Flores said a lot of food items have been thrown away pointing to a cold box with much of its contents about to go into a trash bin.  Five of his employees have been without work, but he said he is trying hard to stand behind them as much as possible. He has lost countless thousands of dollars in revenue.

Flores is one of 13 siblings in his family who operate another six family restaurants throughout the Stockton area.  Just prior to their closure his mother had passed away which put the family into a state of mourning and then the unexpected happened to close the Manteca eatery.

The woman driver who was evading police was arrested on a variety of charges as was her passenger riding in her car.

He wants to let people know he is still in business and hope they will come back after the two week closure. The restaurant is open on a daily routine basis, he added. Flores said he uses Facebook pages to keep in contact with his customers.