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Chief Bricker ready to listen to Johnnys breakfast crowd
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A Saturday morning breakfast at Johnny’s Restaurant will give Manteca residents a chance to question Police Chief Dave Bricker about community policing.

The chief will again make the rounds of the tables introducing himself, listening and taking notes of the problems citizens feel need to be addressed.

During the summer one member of the community told the chief of an active drug house that was drawing an unusual amount of car and foot traffic.  Within the next week Street Crime Unit officers with a warrant in hand made a visit to the residence and made several arrests.

In answer to complaints about speeding vehicles in several otherwise quiet neighborhoods, traffic officers were assigned to those streets where they quickly made a difference with the appreciation of those who had talked to Bricker at breakfast.

The  Saturday morning chats have been held at Johnny’s Restaurant, 602 East Yosemite Ave., on previous occasions. They also have taken place at Perko’s, The Waffle Shop and Denny’s Restaurant.

The breakfast chat is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. and will end at 10 a.m.  The chief has found it interesting in the past to get a chance to speak to travelers from out of town and out of state saying it was s a first for them – not expecting to meet a chief of police as they go through a community.