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Auto burglary skyrockets 136 percent in January
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Manteca’s crime rate ended a 22-month skid in January when the 12 categories that represent serious crimes shot up 22.01 percent overall in year-to-year comparisons.

Four crime categories led the way for the January comparisons between 2010 and 2011:

•Auto burglary was up 136 percent going from 25 to 59.

•Residential burglary was up 31.82 percent going from 22 to 29.

•Grand theft was up 25 percent going from 16 to 20.

•Robbery was up 25 percent going from 4 to 5.

One of the bright spots was in aggravated assaults Not only did the rate of assaults - typically gang on gang violence - drop 60 percent going from 10 to six incidents but the clearance rate soared.

Sixty percent of all assault cases in January were closed with an arrest. It helped bring the overall clearance rate - arrests made for the 155 felonies committed in January - to 46 or 29 percent of all incidents.

There were no change in either the arson or homicide rates as both categories had no incidents. There was also no change in a catch-all category of “all other felonies.”

Other crime rate drops included:

•Other burglary was down 75 percent going from 4 to 1.

•Rape was down 50 percent going from 2 to 1.

•Commercial burglary was down 7.69 percent going from 13 to 12.

•Vehicle theft was down 4.35 percent going from 23 to 22.

Misdemeanor thefts jumped 18.18 percent going from 55 to 65 while all other misdemeanors dropped 11.65 percent going from 206 to 182.

Narcotic offenses dropped 31.03 percent going from 29 to 20 while alcohol offenses were up 4.26 percent going from 47 to 49.

Domestic violence jumped 22.73 percent going from 27 to 33 while fraud and forgery were off 17.86 percent falling 17.86 percent from 28 to 23.

Auto accidents numbered 58 in January up from 51 the year before for a 13.73 percent jump.

Driving under the influence violations dropped in half to 15, moving violations fell 51.44 percent from 243 to 118 and non-moving violations were off 0.61 percent going from 165 to 164.

There was bad and good news in the value of property stolen. It increased 110.88 percent going from $240,131 in January of 2010 to $506,394 in January of 2011. At the same time recovery of stolen property improved by 14.39 percent

Adult arrests were up 11.58 percent going from 190 to 212. Juvenile arrests jumped 56.25 percent going from 16 to 25.