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Burglary victims hoping to recover $23,000 diamond engagement ring
Ring-stolen-DSC 1130a
A wedding photograph shows an image of the $23,000 engagement ring stolen in a home burglary on Monday. - photo by Photo Contributed

The $23,000 diamond engagement ring that was stolen from a home in the 1800 block of Pin Oak Court this week was taken to a Manteca recycling store, according to family member Nathan Gori.

Gori is the son-in-law of the victim whose house Manteca Police believe was burglarized by two individuals who entered through a second story window around noon Monday and took numerous electronic items including laptops, cameras, expensive jewelry, shoes and purses.

The resident said it appeared the thieves had climbed up on a patio awning to gain access to the second floor of the home unnoticed by neighbors.

Gori said the 16-year-old female suspect claimed she took the ring to a particular recycling store in town, adding that when family members visited the shop the clerks said they knew nothing about a ring or other jewelry.

Police community officer Lisa Lewis, investigating the break-in, followed shoe prints from the back fence of the home along a muddy trail in an adjoining field that led to another residence two homes away.  In talking to the girl’s parents officers were given permission to look inside the house as the young girl and her brother drove into the garage.

Investigators said when they popped open the trunk they found a jewelry box with the least expensive jewelry inside, but not the more expensive items they were hoping to locate.  The electronic games that had been stolen had been returned to a game shop in Manteca in exchange for gift cards, police said.  The gift cards were turned over to the family.

The family is still missing quite a few items other than those found in the trunk of the car, Gori said.  Those valuables include a Mini HP laptop valued at about $400, a yellow Dell laptop computer worth some $800, a black Acer Touchpad costing about $400, a diamond tear drop necklace valued at $1,200, a mother’s ring with two stones $300, along with a Kodak video recorder, a Nikon Cool Pix digital camera, a Blackberry, two iPods, two X-box controllers, a $1,200 pendant and a diamond-encrusted bracelet.

The son-in-law noted that the officers recovered four pairs of Jordon athletic shoes, a Nintendo DS, two Coach purses and a Nine West purse.

The teenager was taken to juvenile hall in French Camp, police said.  The investigation is continuing in the case, officers said.

Manteca Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward for information in the case leading to the return of the $23,000 ring and the other missing items along with information leading to the arrest of the second person involved in the crime.  To call anonymously and be eligible for the reward, call Crime Stoppers at 823-4636.