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Druggies may have ransacked St. Anthonys school cafeteria
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More details are coming out of the Friday, Jan. 25, cafeteria break-in at St. Anthony’s School with thieves stealing about $500 in frozen and pantry foods representing practically all of the students’ snacks.

The stolen food “amounts to about two weeks of menu items the kids are out,” said cafeteria manager Sue Parnham.

As if that weren’t enough, the unwelcome night visitors also ran away with all the money from snack sales that day, plus $150 in Food 4 Less gift cards that Parnham was planning to use to buy produce and bread for the rest of the month.

Contrary to a previous story about the thefts, the suspects used a rusty knife to pry open the doors; however, they stole what Parnham described as “a good butcher knife and an excellent cleaving.” But the thieves passed up an expensive Cutco pair of scissors. The theft of the knives, though, is scary enough, she said.

The Monday following the break-in, it was also discovered that the thieves also broke into the staff lunchroom/fundraising director’s office and ransacked it. The PE equipment shed was ransacked as well.

According to police, the perpetrators were possibly “druggies looking for a quick turn-over so they could feed their habit.”

Parnham said, “Needless to say, it’s the kids that suffer. I can always work around the food shortage but it just breaks my  heart when the kids get the short end of the deal, not to mention the violation that I and the other staff members feel having these creepy people ransack and mess up our office and personal work space.”