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Flying pickup slams into house
Vehicle ends up stopping in kitchen
This pickup came in through the back sliding door of a home in the 1400 block of Mezenen Place. - photo by Courtesy Manteca Fire Department

Unexpected guests were found in the kitchen of a north Manteca home in the early morning hours Wednesday.

A late model four-door Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck with three onboard shattered a wooden fence creating a 20-foot wide hole, skirted a swimming pool and cement planters, and ran through a fish pond before slamming through a rear sliding glass door and coming to rest in portions of the home’s kitchen and dining room.

Manteca Police said the westbound vehicle was traveling on Northgate Drive at a high rate of speed when it bottomed out and gouged the roadway as it crossed Union Road.   It reportedly had gone airborne as it crossed the intersection.

Out of control, the vehicle careened through the back yard of a home in the 1400 block of Mezenen Place – two short blocks west of Union Road – at the corner of Northgate Drive only minutes before 4 a.m.

Officers believed there had been three occupants in the truck at the time of the crash, but only two remained at the scene – the driver and one passenger.  One was lying on the grass and the other managing to walk around despite his injuries.  Police said they found a blood trail believed to be from a third victim that led in a southerly direction away from the home.

The truck came to a stop in parts of the kitchen and dining room area of the residence with a number of beer bottles found in the cab, according to authorities.  Manteca Fire Battalion Chief Bob Davis estimated the damage to the residence at some $30,000. Uprights supporting the second story had been destroyed in addition to compromised walls.  There was no estimate of damage to the truck.

A front wheel from the truck reportedly broke loose and hit the wall of the second story before rolling off next to a fence.  Firefighters placed steel supports under the weakened rafters ceiling of the home to secure the building as much as possible. A city structural engineer was called to the scene to inspect the dwelling.

Steven Wayne Wiggins, 30, of Manteca was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI with injury.  Before being taken to jail,  Wiggins and his passenger were transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Charges posted on the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s website Wednesday night included driving with a license suspended for drunk driving, DUI with blood alcohol content in excess of 0.08 and DUI with alcohol/drugs with injury.

Wiggins’ bail has been set at $1,001,400 with a court date of Friday at 1:30 p.m. in the Manteca Branch of the San Joaquin County Superior Court.