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Homeless man poses as resident
Answers door, accepts package from postal carrier
Transients-DSC 0337-LT
Three Manteca police units responded to a transient in a vacant house call in the 100 block of South Sherman Avenue at about 11 a.m. Wednesday to find a man had left before they arrived after posing as a resident of the home. - photo by GLENN KAHL

A package was delivered to a home Wednesday morning in the 100 block of South Sherman Avenue across from Manteca High School while police were responding to a call about a transient having broken into the residence.  

When a postal worker knocked, the transient reportedly answered the door, saying the woman the package was addressed to was taking a shower but said he would accept the package. It was later determined there had been no woman taking a shower at the time as the response was only a ruse. 

A side window had reportedly been used by the intruder to gain entrance from the alley side to the small frame house that was void of any furniture or personal belongings.  Outside the rear gate were two pair of relatively new tennis shoes – still tied – that had been abandoned.

Officers checked all the rooms and the rear yard to make sure no one remained hidden in the residence before talking with the owner who had responded to the scene.  The trespassing homeless man had apparently made his escape through an open rear door leading to the alley.