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Man allegedly stabs his mother
Manteca medics exit a home in the 400 block of Jessie Avenue with a man who reportedly suffered chest pains after an altercation that involved his 65-year-old mother who suffered multiple knife wounds. - photo by GLENN KAHL
An early morning stabbing that grew out of a domestic disturbance in a residence in the 400 block of Jessie Avenue sent a 65-year-old woman to San Joaquin County Hospital with multiple stab wounds and her son to a Modesto hospital with chest pains, Manteca Police said.

Officers said the son had allegedly been making threats to another adult in the home when the mother attempted to intervene, being stabbed in the effort.

Patrolmen Mike Keener, Barry Blackburn and Armen Avakian were dispatched to the scene after a girlfriend of the suspect, Rhonda Girdner, reportedly ran from the home and begged a neighbor to call 911. The officers arrived ordering everyone out of the house and into the front yard. Due to a missing leg, it was difficult for the suspect, who was back in the kitchen, to respond.

When medics arrived they located the woman still in her bathrobe down on the sidewalk two houses north of her residence. She was transported to San Joaquin General Hospital where she was said to have gone into surgery and is expected to recover.

The middle-aged son was given emergency aid by medics inside the home and placed on a gurney and rolled to a waiting ambulance. Five police and two fire units responded to the home with the firemen ordered to stage their location away from the house until officers cleared the interior.

The police response to the stabbing call included school resource officers who came from their elementary and high school assignments – not knowing the degree of threat to the neighborhood. Other residents on the street said they were not surprised reporting continual disturbances at the house.

Officers said the girlfriend was listed as a second victim in the disturbance; however the extent of any injuries was unclear. The suspect was not actually a permanent occupant of the home, a police spokesman added. Others in the house reportedly asked officers not to arrest the suspect.

A Manteca officer accompanied the ambulance to the Modesto hospital where the man is being kept for observation. Several charges are pending against the individual upon his release including elder abuse – however police could not divulge his name at press time.