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Man found with explosives jailed on 9 felony charges
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Scott Allen Williamson, 39, who was found to have explosives in his Jack Tone Road home, has been jailed on nine felony weapons and destructive device counts with bail set at $320,000.

Williamson was suspected of stealing a vehicle from a residence on Carlisle Street in Manteca on Sunday, Dec. 5, that was discovered by Manteca Police near his rural North Jack Tone Road home where officers from the Deltarat Auto Theft Taskforce also found a loaded shot gun and explosives. One device the size of a soda can weighing a pound and the other weighing half a pound.

Officers had entered the man’s home on a probation search following the discovery of the stolen Chevy 4500 diesel truck.  The $40,000 vehicle had been stripped and was found near Mormon Slough.   Detectives located Williamson days later near his home but he sped off through the orchards on a motorized dirt bike, police said.

The auto theft task force officers also recalled an earlier case about five years ago when Williamson had been found with a loaded shotgun after they had found stripped out vehicles and stolen auto parts at his home a half mile south of where the stolen Manteca vehicle was located.

The Manteca bomb squad officers detonated both explosive devices on Dec. 16 - described as Cast boosters – on the grounds of the former police shooting range near McKinley and Yosemite avenues.  In the process police blew up a Volkswagen Jetta to demonstrate to a deputy district attorney the potential of the explosives found in the suspect’s possession on the street.  One officer on patrol duty at the time of the explosion reported hearing the report miles away in the northern part of the city.

Williamson, who has been sought out by police for the last month, turned himself in to the San Joaquin County Superior Court through his attorney this past week.  He was remanded to the custody of the sheriff and is currently being held in the county jail.

Williamson was charged with nine felonies beginning with two charges of possession of a destructive explosive device.  Additional felony charges included being a felon/addict in possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, and possession/manufacturing/selling of a dangerous weapon.  

There are four separate cases against the suspect with the felony charges repeated in the subsequent cases.

Williamson is scheduled to appear at the Stockton Courthouse, Department 35, at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 13.