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Manteca man convicted of molesting children eligible for parole at age 112
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Michael Goldman, 42, of Manteca was sentenced to 78 years to life Monday for the molestation of two children under the age of 14.

Detective Steven Beermann, who tracked the man to Michigan, said Goldman will be 112 years old before he is eligible for parole from prison.  Beermann had contacted the Michigan police asking them to look for Goldman at his father’s residence – finding him hiding in the attic.

Detective Sergeant Tony Souza said one of the victims was molested multiple times over several years at Goldman’s parents’ mobile home that was located on the Joshua Cowell Elementary School property between 1999 and 2002.

Goldman’s conviction included a second victim that was molested in Modesto.  Neither child was a student at Joshua Cowell, Souza said in a news release.

Both victims were female relatives of Goldman and both cases were prosecuted in October of this year by San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Claire Van Vuren.

A jury found Goldman guilty of three counts of child molestation with multiple victim enhancements, continuous sexual abuse of a minor and what was described by the detective as a substantial sex crime – forcible sex crime against a minor.