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Manteca Police arrest third knifing suspect
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A 17-year-old youth believed to be the subject who wielded the knife in a Thursday evening gang attack at Shasta Park was arrested by officers about 5:30 p.m. Friday at his home.

Former gang unit detective Armondo Garcia who isnow working as a patrolman since the economic cutbacks, took the suspected  teen Suerno gang member into custody in the 500 block of San Gabriel Court.

The  youth was charged with attempted murder and street terrorism, according to Detective Sergeant Dan Erb.  The officer said the knife that was used in the attack has not been recovered.

The suspect was transported to juvenile hall in French Camp Friday night.  

Erb noted that the 16-year-old victim of Thursday’s stabbing was a Stockton resident who was visiting friends in Manteca when the attack occurred in the bowl area of the park.  

The Manteca detective said that gang members have a habit of roaming the town looking for anybody wearing red – the telltale sign of a Norteno gang member. He noted they don’t check to make sure of the person’s association before they attack the subject.

Two suspects were arrested by officer Jason Massey minutes after the 5:45 p.m. altercation finding them about a half mile away from the scene.  Erb said that the two remain in custody, also at juvenile hall.

He added that there were four youths initially involved according to witnesses, adding that the fourth subject left the group when he saw what was happening – not wanting to be a part of the attack.