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Off-duty officer in weekend fight a member of MPD gang task force
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At least two of the people who allege to have been beaten up by an off-duty Manteca police officer along with his son and the son’s friends at a house party over the weekend officially filed complaints Thursday with the Police Department.

The papers filed by Daniel Dineen, 20, and another alleged victim named Robert identified the off-duty officer who they claimed hit them as Detective Kirk Doty who, according to the Manteca city web site, is a member of the Manteca Police Gang Task Force.

The name of the officer’s son is not being published because, although information gathered from various people who know him said he is a high school senior, his exact age could not be confirmed as of press time. It is the policy of the newspaper not to print the names of minors who are suspects except in rare circumstances.

The other alleged victim, Akeem Wade, 22, said Thursday he is filing his complaint papers today at the police station. Wade is alleging he was kicked and hit in the head by the officer’s son and his friends and left temporarily unconscious in front of the house where the party was held. Two of his front teeth were knocked out and he suffered bruises to his face.

Wade’s friend, Shiloh Martinez, said Thursday he is also filing complaint papers today to get back his camcorder that was confiscated by police at the scene. Martinez said he took videos of the off-duty officer hitting someone at the second-floor loft of the house where the fighting started, and because of that “he kicked me out of the party.”

Like Wade, Martinez and Dineen, the off-duty officer and his son and daughter were guests at the going-away party for someone who was going to Europe to study as a nanny, according to the alleged victims. The party was held at the home of the nanny-to-be.

After he was told to leave, Martinez said he then went looking for his friend Wade — they went to the party together along with another friend — and proceeded to leave. But as they walked out of the house, they claimed they were followed by the off-duty officer’s son and his friends who then proceeded to hit and kick Wade to the ground. Shiloh dragged his unconscious and bleeding friend three houses down from the scene of the party where a homeowner took Wade inside and cleaned him up. The Good Samaritan neighbor then drove Wade, after he came to, to his apartment while Shiloh said he went back to the party to find the other friend who went with them to the party.

Wade, who works for Union Pacific Railroad, said he drove himself to the hospital later that morning after the fight for treatment. While at the hospital, he said he was interviewed by three Manteca police officers.

Wade underwent dental reconstructive surgery on Wednesday but has to go back for more follow-up procedures.

Dineen’s mother, Jean Daniels, said she took her son to the emergency room at Kaiser Hospital in Manteca the morning of the fight where they took CT scans of his head. “Fortunately he’s okay, but he got a big bump on the head where he got kicked,” she said.

Daniels, who found about half-dozen police officers already at the scene when she got there, said her son and daughter live with their father just a few houses down from the house where the party was held. She said that according to her children’s story, they claimed “was about to hit my daughter, but my son pushed my daughter aside and he took the blow.” When Dineen fell to the ground, he was allegedly then “hit and kick(ed)” by Doty’s son, Daniels said.

Daniels also said she saw the police take Martinez’s camcorder from his neck. Public Information Officer Rex Osborn said the recording device was confiscated as evidence and that it will be “given back to its original form” to the owner after its contents have been downloaded by police.

The fight reportedly started around 3 a.m. Saturday.

None of the above people involved in the incident, including Martinez, were able to pinpoint exactly what started the fight.

Among those who were interviewed by police at the scene was Daniels’ daughter. At the police station on Thursday, Daniels said she asked for the name of the police officer who interviewed her daughter so she could “check my daughter’s statement, but they said her file has been forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office.”

City policy on internal affairs investigations
What happens now that complaints have been filed against the off-duty police officer?

In a written response, Osborn said, “We have a written policy regarding the process (of) an internal affairs investigation.  This policy starts with the Chief of Police receiving the written complaint; he determines what investigation process will take place.

“The Chief of Police then assigns a special internal investigator to investigate the complaint, normally a person of rank of Sergeant or above. Once a complaint is filed, it becomes a personnel issue and we no longer publicly comment on the investigation. The investigator will be responsible for investigating all the allegations and facts of the case, interviewing all those involved with first-hand information regarding the case to include officers and employees of the police department and citizens who were involved.

“Once an investigation is completed, the result is given to the chief of police with the findings for appropriate action. The person who made the original complaint to the police chief is informed of the results of the investigation.”

According to information gathered from Wade, Martinez and other people interviewed, the young men including the off-duty officer’s son all knew each other having played various sports together either in junior high and/or high school. Wade and Martinez, for example, both played football with the Delta Rebels in Manteca. Wade went on to play football all through his four years at Manteca High.