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Residential, auto burglary crime rates take plunge
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Residential and auto burglary took major drops in Manteca during May plunging 45 and 58 percent respectively over May of 2008.

The large dips have effectively taken both crime categories lower in the first five months of this year compared to the same time last year. It means all major property crimes with the exception of robbery are now dropping in Manteca.

Police Chief Dave Bricker indicated part of the reason may have to do with the fact they’ve been able to get several people responsible for clusters of both auto burglaries and residential burglaries into prison.

“Once you get guys who do a lot of the crime off the streets it helps,” Bricker said.

In the past year, police have arrested numerous burglary suspects only to have them commit more crimes while awaiting trial.

Bricker said the department has switched from judging officers by performance quotas such as the number of citations made to concentrating on going after the more prolific criminals.

The police chief said some may want to see a high profile of officers at places such as Main and Yosemite but he wants them out where they can catch criminals in the act.

“Our officers want Manteca to have the reputation out there that if you’re going to commit a crime here you are going to get caught,” Bricker said.

There were 230 Part One Crime reports – the most serious crimes as identified by the FBI – in May of this year compared to 150 in May of 2008.

The drop of in various categories of felonies from March 2008 to March 2009 is as follows:

•Residential burglaries down 45.45 percent from 33 to 18.

•Auto burglary down 58.06 percent from 62 to 26.

•Commercial burglary down 6.67 percent from 15 to 14.

•Aggravated assault down 57.14 percent from 7 to 3.

•Other burglary down 50 percent from 2 to 1.

•Grand theft down 41.94 percent from 31 to 18.

•Vehicle theft down to 34.78 percent from 23 to 15.

•Arson down 300 percent from 3 to 0.

The felonies that did increase from May to May were:

•Robbery up 22.22 percent from 9 to 11.

•Rape up 300 percent from 1 to 4.