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Separate incidents: Shots fired, stolen car pursuit, drug arrest
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There were reports of “shots fired” at two different locations – in the northeast and in central Manteca – around 11 p.m. Saturday at the same time Manteca Police officers were answering calls of loud parties, a reckless driver, and a stolen car with a police pursuit.

There were some 12 to 15 officers on the street only because a grant was put into operation and the swing and graveyard shifts were overlapping.  Every officer was continually busy going from one call to the next – calls would have gone unanswered with fewer on the street, police said.

When police were checking out the party calls on the north end of Pestana Avenue, a resident told them of a reckless driver in the neighborhood. It was the same area where officers were looking for a reported stolen car – a vehicle they already had under surveillance.  

As the suspect vehicle began to move and police began their pursuit, shots were heard a block away.  They stopped the blue ‘90s Camara at the east end of Cork Oak Lane where two black suspects fled into the neighborhood.

At the same time a volley of four shouts was heard by a Manteca Bulletin reporter coming from the area of the court house on Center Street.  The police dispatcher received other calls from residents who had also heard the reports of gunfire.  Two officers were sent to the area, but could find no evidence of anyone or anything being hit.

Another vehicle with three teens was stopped on Pestana Avenue at Diamond Oak Way where three teens were detained and questioned.  One teen was arrested for possession of drugs.  The other two were released at the scene.