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Serious Manteca crimes drop 13% in 2010
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With the glaring exception of aggravated assault that is primarily gang-on-gang violence, Manteca’s serious crime rate plunged 13.43 percent during 2010.

Police Chief Dave Bricker released the crime statistics known as Part One Crime - all serious felonies - during Thursday’s mid-year assessment City Council meeting.

Crime in Manteca in 2010 experienced double digit drops in year-to-year comparisons in all but four of the 12 felonies that the FBI uses to determine the relative safety of communities.

Aggravated assault shot up 84.9 percent in 2010. There were 98 instances of aggravated assault - typically gang members shooting weapons - compared to 53 for 2009.

Bricker said department manpower has been prioritizing to focus on gang violence. Even though the targets are rival gang members, Bricker has said police are extremely concerned that innocent people could be injured or killed. The chief has also pointed out that gang violence tends to go in cycles.

Drop offs in various categories of felonies from 2009 to 2010 are as follows:

•Residential burglaries down 15.11 percent from 278 to 236.

•Vehicle theft down 32.19 percent from 351 to 238.

•Arson down 47.06 percent from 17 to 9.

•Robbery down 16.47  percent from 85 to 71.

•Rape or unlawful intercourse down 41.94 percent from 31 to 18.

*Homicide down 50 percent from 2 to 1.

•All other felonies down 24.6 percent from 561 to 423.

Felonies that increased from year to year were:

•Other burglary up 61.54 percent from 13 to 21.

•Auto burglary up 2.02 percent from 446 to 455.

• Grand theft up 2.36 percent from 212 to 217.