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Teens knocking on various doors draw attention of neighbors who alert police
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Manteca officers questioned the three passengers of a late model sedan after residents in a north central Manteca neighborhood said they were suspiciously knocking on doors saying they were looking for a friend who lived there. Officers said the suspicion increased because they had taken the license plate off of their car. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Manteca’s “Neighborhood Watch” was demonstrated through the immediate reactions of several Manteca residents who were concerned by three teens who were knocking at their doors Wednesday morning.

One woman said she was almost hit by the teens’ speeding car that cut its speed when it neared a Manteca Police canine officer on patrol.  She told police that the teens immediately pulled to the curb and let the officer drive by. The driver got out of the car and put the rear license plate on the car that they had apparently removed so they couldn’t be identified.
Several Manteca officers swarmed the neighborhood searching for the car that was eventually located by Officer George Crowley in the K-Mart parking lot at Northgate and Main streets.

The three teenagers and their car were searched and detained as they were questioned by the officers.  The owner of the car – mother of one of the teens – was called and told of her son’s alleged activities.