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Wild Manteca chase hits 100 mph
Covers 10 miles, damages 3 police cars
PursuitDSC 1290a
Manteca Ambulance personnel lift Jose Colouro onto a stretcher after he crashed his car on Frances Street late Saturday night. - photo by GLENN KAHL
It all started with an attempted traffic stop at 11:17 Saturday night that turned into a high speed pursuit ending in the 200 block of Frances Street where the suspect collided with a parked car, lost control, and careened into a driveway knocking a parked vehicle through the garage door.

Jose Colouro, 33, of Manteca ran from the crash and attempted to jump a neighbor’s fence when Manteca Police patrolman Jason Massey tackled him and brought him to the ground.  Officers said he continued to fight as police canines Hoss and Gage got into the act. The suspect gave up after receiving several puncture wounds.

Police said that Colouro had three felony no bail warrants out for his arrest. They believe that was why he failed to yield for officer Ian Osborn when he first attempted to pull him over at Commerce Drive and Yosemite Avenue.

Osborn said the fleeing motorist made a wide swing through the In ‘N Out parking lot and then entered the northbound lanes of Highway 99 reaching speeds estimated at 100 miles an hour – exiting at Lathrop Road.

The chase covered about 10 miles of surface streets including the Highway 99 Frontage Road and reaching to Northgate Drive, Crestwood and Pepperwood avenues, east on Louise Avenue back to Pestana and southward to Yosemite Avenue.  Officers who were manning the DUI checkpoint on Yosemite Avenue at Powers Avenue cleared their crew from the roadway as the car sped through at an estimated 75 miles an hour with three police units close behind.

When the pursuit reached Grant and Yosemite one patrolman rammed the right side of the fleeing ’92 Pontiac, but it did not take it out of commission. The chase continued onto North Street and eastbound to Alpine and then onto streets to the north.  Three police vehicles sustained damage – two of them caused by the suspect ramming their vehicles, officers said.

As Colouro sped back to the extension of Grant Avenue, he attempted to turn left onto Frances Street and made a wide screeching sweep taking out a parked car, losing control and crashing into the back of a 2004 Honda that was parked in the driveway.

The force of the crash catapulted the car through the garage door interrupting a couple watching the Tom Hanks’ movie “Angels and Demons.”  The couple – that just moved here from Florida – said they heard the screeching of the tires as the man came around the corner and then the crash into their car and into their garage door.

They said they waited for a few seconds before opening their door to see just what happened.  They saw police officers running from their vehicles and the police dogs going into action.

Other Manteca officers involved in the chase were canine officer Dale Goforth and Mike Sexton.  The second canine officer Bob Anderson followed up with his canine Hoss who got in the first bite.

Colouro was charged with felony evading a police officer, ramming police cars, pursuit on the wrong side of the road, and hit and run.

He was transported to Doctors Hospital of Manteca where he was put under police guard.

The no bail warrants covered forgery and fraud charges.