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CVB lures visitors dollars
Its goal is to improve economy & city revenues
A competitor in the shot put at the California Senior Games qualifier conducted in Manteca earlier this year through the efforts of the Manteca Convention & Visitors Bureau. - photo by Bulletin file photo
Manteca’s Convention & Visitors Bureau was directly responsible for the booking of 1,000 room nights at city hotels for Manteca-based gatherings during April, May, and June.

In almost all cases, the rooms rented for a $100 per night average and typically had multiple occupants. That means between room rent, meals, pocket expenses and gas as well as any diversions such as shopping at Bass Pro Shops the conservative estimate is $250 per day spent in Manteca for each room night booked.

That translates into $250,000 pumped into the Manteca economy plus $10,000 in hotel room taxes flowing to the city’s general plan.

That, however, is only one part of the equation of events such as the California Senior Games qualifier hosted by the Manteca Convention & Visitors Bureau. A high number simply came to Manteca from nearby Bay Area and Sacramento communities bringing in at least $100,000 more in revenue.

That is in addition to a wide range of other activities the CVB does to attract tourists and visitors to Manteca. The CVB during those three months made 934 general contracts about information for visitors interested in Manteca and handled 63 hotel requests for those who didn’t want to do it on their own. They also helped 641 people who made specific contacts for a visit plus there were 747 event requests.

In addition, there were 14,225 visits to the CVB website for people seeking information on Manteca attractions.

Those are some of the things the City of Manteca expects the CVB to deliver in return for 20 percent of the hotel room tax receipts that go to the general fund. The contract for the current fiscal year was cut back 3.8 percent for $87,406.

The city tied the percentage to the room tax to make it clear they expect a performance based approach. The more rooms the CVB helps fill with events and attracting people to the city, the more room tax the city gets that they split with 80 percent going to the city and 20 percent to the CVB.

Among the events and or groups the CVB arranged or booked where Dream Catchers, Team USA, MOK Productions, WRL Design, and the Memorial Celebration.

The biggest, however, was the Senior Games. This year the games were put together with a short time frame. The next games planned for the spring is being marketed now and will include additional events. They also will benefit from having an all-weather track at Sierra High.

The council on Tuesday, with Councilman Steve DeBrum absent, voted 3-1 to confirm the annual CVB contract. Councilwoman Debby Moorehead voted no pointing to the $2.5 million deficit the city is still dealing with this fiscal year.

Other council members afterwards pointed out the CVB  works to increase city revenues not just through room tax but with generating visitors needed to fill hotel rooms, restaurants and even stores and other attractions resulting in more money for the community as a whole and more municipal revenue.