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Doctors emergency room goes paperless to speed up service
EmergencyDSC 0914a
Doctors Hospital emergency room RN Andrea Vega demonstrates new technology that promises to speed up the hospital’s delivery of care and reduce the waiting time for patients. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Doctors Hospital hopes to reduce emergency room waiting times with new state-of-the art technology put in place this week – focusing on organization.

The “paperless” Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) will speed up the delivery of care while relieving staff of the burden of endless paperwork typically found in an ER.

“We recognize that for many people the emergency department is the front door to our hospital,” said Amy Villaroya, RN, director of emergency services.  “This new system is designed to help Doctors Hospital of Manteca better serve the many people from our communities with decreased wait times and improved patient safety and care,” she said.

The system allows doctors and nurses the ability to create clear and accurate charts, order medications, and provide personalized care from a patient’s bedside.

The technology goes beyond simplifying the charting process by helping prevent the possibility of human error with intuitive software that can alert clinicians to allergies or possible drug interactions.

A large screen mounted on the wall at the nurses’ station identifies patients’ locations within the emergency suite and flashes coded markers regarding scheduled lab tests as well as ordered medications.

A smaller screen is mounted on a portable rolling desk that shows the same information to nurses on the floor.   It can be rolled next to a patient’s bed where new information can be entered as to conditions and medical orders.