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127 Manteca students perfect
Group aces California Standards Test
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Assistant Superintendent Don Halseth and Manteca Unified school board members Rex Holiday, Vern Gebhardt, and Evelyn Moore congratulate students for their efforts in the recent California Standards Test. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
The perfect score in the California Standards Test is 600.

Manteca Unified had 127 students hitting that mark, with 63 receiving recognition at last Tuesday’s school board meeting.

The other half of the group will be honored at the Nov. 16 meeting.  

Three had the distinction of achieving the 600 score in two subjects, including Charlie Zhang. The Great Valley School fifth-grade student had perfect CSTs in math and science.

The state Department of Education exams include English / language and math for second- through 11th- grade students; science for fifth, eighth, and ninth through 11th graders;  and history / social science for eighth-, and 10th- and 11th-grade students.

According to the district office, the CSTs show how students locally are doing in relation to the state content standards.

Of those recognized this past week, Lathrop School fifth-grade student Benjamin Jex (math), Weston Ranch High junior Itsui Yamayoshi (math), and Woodward sixth-grader Matthew Perrapato (science) were honored for three years of scoring 600.

Lathrop School fourth-grader Francisco Corona (math), Veritas  fifth-grade student Jesse Babauta (math), Woodward fourth-grader Travis Forte (math), August Knodt fourth-grader Laray Dacus (math),  Great Valley fourth-grader Timothy Duong (math), and Joseph Widmer fourth grader Erick Enriquez had perfect CSTs for two years.

MUSD students scoring 600 included: August Knodt, Sierra Rose (5th grade, math); French Camp, Jackson Rusconi (3rd grade, math), Marcus Slaughter (8th grade, science); Golden West, Guadalupe Piceno Lopez (5th grade, math), Julia Vigallon (5th grade, math), Stephanie Mata Castellon (3rd grade, math); Great Valley, Arnold Juarez-Zambrano (5th grade, math), Harkirat Saini (5th grade, math), Omar Lando (6th grade, math), Hanan Abdelwahed (4th grade, math), James Peavey (4TH grade, math); Joseph Widmer, Joseluis Herrera (2nd grade, math).

George Komure, Adriana Cruz (5th grade, math), Gurjant Dhillon (2nd grade, math), Lauren Alfaro (4th grade, math), Jose Zetino (4th grade, math), Amari Johnson (3rd grade, math), Hailey Neves (3rd grade, math), Allison Guzman (6th grade, math), Alan Clark (3rd grade, math), Jeremie Robancho (4th grade, math), Mary Ann Le (3rd grade, math), Julian Manzo (2nd grade, math); Lathrop School, Jenna Magaoay (8th grade, science), Justin Matthew Barber (5th grade, science), Gabrielle Mascarinas (5th grade, math), Elizabeth Terra (3rd grade, math), Cristal Barba Sainz (6th grade, math); Nile Garden, Celine Clark (4th grade, math), Adam Gonzales (3rd grade, math), Frankie Leyva (3rd grade, math), Nolan Crawley (2nd grade, math), David Farfan (3rd grade, math).

Veritas, Christian Valdez (8th grade, science), Logan Yeager Jardine (2nd grade, math), Gaspar Vera (3rd grade, math),  Slyder Blyth (3rd grade, math), Maycie Werner (2nd grade, math), Anaiya Cello (3rd grade, math), Carmen Beltran Mendez (2nd grade, math), Denise Ornelas (3rd grade, math), Ariana Rodriguez (3rd grade, language); Weston Ranch High, Gerardo Gonzalez (9th grade, math).

Woodward, Anita Ewesiobi (8th grade, science), Nathan Hong (8th grade, math), Lejla Pepic (5th grade, math), Si Jie Tang (6th grade, math), Katrina Garcia (3rd grade, math), Kurtis Ma (3rd grade, math), Amann Ghuman (4th grade, math), Noah Gonzales (3rd grade, math), Kevin Nguyen (3rd grade, math).