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Culinary studies twin sisters selected as Rotarys vocational students of month
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Manteca Culinary Arts twin students Laurynn and Alyssa Buchanan were named Manteca Rotary’s students of the month Thursday. They are pictured with their dad Daryl Buchanan while their teacher Kathleen Long and Rotary President Dana Solomon are in the background. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Two Weston Ranch High School seniors – with their dad standing proudly behind them – were named the Manteca Rotary Club’s students of the month for their achievements in the ROP Culinary Arts class.

Alyssa and Laurynn Buchanan lost their mother when they were 15.  Dying she asked them to promise they would finish high school despite a rocky start.  They went to live with their dad here in California making up lost credits and excelling in school to the point they both have near A-averages today.

Lindbergh ROP culinary arts teacher Kathleen Long lauded the girls along with their dad.  She said he has been there for them day in and day out.  They couldn’t have a better father than Daryl Buchanan, she said.  Buchanan was obviously thrilled for his daughters finding it difficult to contain his excitement from his place at the table as he watched them receive their awards.

Both Alyssa and Laurynn took their excitement for their future careers to the microphone with them as they talked to Rotarians.  They are both planning to attend Delta College after they graduate from Weston Ranch High School in May – Alyssa going for a nursing degree and Laurynn focused on culinary arts.  

Alyssa wants to later attend UCLA and her sister has her eyes on UOP, she said.

Both girls recently participated in the school district’s two-day Nutrition Services Certification Program.  One received a test score of 96 percent and the other 92 percent.  The cost of the certification classes was underwritten by the school district.

They are now certified in food safety and sanitation, a certification required by all food service entities.  The twins have been cited as outstanding students who have been involved in class activities of catering, serving and participating in various other culinary activities at the school.