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Driver on cell when her car hit school bus
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No one was injured in the school bus versus Honda Accord collision Thursday afternoon in Weston Ranch caused by a distracted driver.

Witnesses said the driver was talking on her cell phone when she ran a red light at the EWS Boulevard and French Camp Road intersection and hit the school bus which just got done dropping off Manteca Day students in the Weston Ranch area. There were no students in the bus at the time of the accident. The Honda left about 30 feet of skid marks before it hit the district’s vehicle.

The black sedan that hit Manteca Unified Bus #22 of Route “D” was totaled. A witness to the accident said the driver “is lucky to be alive.” The school bus made it back without any problem to the district office where mechanics worked on pulling metal away from the bus’s back wheels, according to the report of the accident that was immediately filed by district Director of Transportation Walt Brookshire.

The school bus was heading next to French Camp School to take elementary students home that afternoon when the accident happened.

A friend of Anne Smith of Weston Ranch witnessed the accident and said the driver of the Honda Accord ran the red light at the intersection.

“She watched it happening behind her on the road and she called the police before she called to make sure it was not me,” Smith said.

This is how the accident happened, according to the incident report filed by Brookshire.

At about 2:45 p.m. on Thursday, the MUSD driver had the green light and was making a left turn onto French Camp Road from EWS Boulevard with no students on board. Witnesses reported that the driver of the Honda Accord was on her cell phone heading west on French Camp Road when she slammed on the brakes before the intersection, leaving about 30 feet of skid marks, and into the intersection hitting the school bus on the left side just before the rear wheels.