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Manteca High mural tradition keeps on growing
pic MHS-mural-2a
Diane Jauregui and Tyler Canady were instrumental in completing the largest painting of the Manteca High Mural Museum collection. The buffalo mural was recently done on the surface of the on-campus storage bin. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
Principal Steve Winter is thrilled about the newest addition to the Manteca High Mural Museum.

The acrylic painting is that of the historic 1920 mission-style structure. “I had plenty of memories of that building,” he said on Wednesday.

The mural, as it turns out, was a team effort conducted by several students of Kirt Giovannoni’s advance art classes. In order to accomplish the work, the group led by seniors Diane Jauregui and Tyler Canady used five different photographs of the old MHS building.

“What photo didn’t we use?” said Jauregui.

She and Canady along with Dai Ling Ma, Nicole Osborn, Esmeralda Ramirez and Brandon Yager were all credited with the arduous task.

Each brought their artistic abilities to the table.

“We had to get the colors just right,” said Ma, who was the lone underclassman of the group. “And that was tough because all of the pictures we had were old black and white photos.”

Osborn and two others started the project back in November. “We had to decide who was going to tackle what,” she said.

Osborn, who stayed with the project as the others in her group were reassigned, was later joined by Ramirez and Ma.

“For me, it was tough because I didn’t have the patience,” Ramirez said.

Ma, however, stayed with the work and was joined by Yager.

At one point, the group had to make a big change when members of the Manteca Historical Society pointed out a glaring error.

“We had the building backwards,” said Canady, who, along with Jauregui, helped finished the work.

The MHS mural was completed last month.

“They did a great job,” said Winter, who applauded the group effort.

Canady and Jauregui also chipped in on two other recently completed murals.

The buffalo mural has been deemed the largest of its kind among the over 150 paintings throughout campus.

The seven-week project accomplished by four other student artists including Jacob Braley was done on a steel storage bin adjacent to the cafeteria quad area. Work also began in November.

Tackling a project of that scope included some alterations.

“It was supposed to be white buffaloes,” Jauregui said. “But we had to change it for color reasons.”

The group consisting of Jauregui, Canady and Yager also had a tough time with the ag mural.

“The work was done in two sections and we had to make sure the colors matched up,” said Canady, who is currently taking two classes with Giovannoni.
Together, they had to improvise on certain parts of a rather poor photo reproduction taken from the internet as a model.

“You see the tractor?” said Yager. “We added an extra (front) wheel.”

Canady and Jauregui, meanwhile, are in the process of doing yet another mural. But this particular one is being planned for the Manteca Unified Administration Building. The work will illustrate a book showcasing three eras of Manteca High history.