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Manteca provides child care for kids of students
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Expectant and parenting students enrolled in Manteca Unified schools will be able to continue their education and earn a high school diploma with the help of Creative Child Care, Inc.

The Board of Trustees on Tuesday night unanimously voted to extend the memorandum of understanding between the school district and Creative Child Care, Inc. (CCCI) which renews the two parties’ contract for another year. The agreement is renewable every fiscal year, with the superintendent reviewing the agreement on an annual basis.

The district’s parenting program relies on various funding sources including Cal-SAFE (California School Age Families Education) which is administered through the district, and Cal-Works.

Students who qualify to take part in this program must be enrolled and have to be attending grades 7 to 12 schools in the district, alternative education or ROP programs which aim to provide expectant and parenting students with a means to continue their education and earn a high school diploma.

The contract also requires these classroom and program sites as places where district ROP students can work.

The district will provide the childcare facilities, and CCCI in turn will provide “quality child development and care program for the infant and toddler children” – ages six weeks to 36 months – of any student parent enrolled and attending a school district program. Creative Child Care is also responsible for staffing and operations in compliance with funding requirements, and must adhere to the district’s requirements as well on fingerprinting and health.

At minimum, Creative Child Care and the district’s Cal-SAFE infant and toddler centers will provide services each day of the traditional school’s 175 instructional days according to the adopted school calendar. The hours will be from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.; however, for some student participants, those hours could be extended to 6 p.m.