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Reported gunman triggers campus lockdown
COE-Lockdown-DSC 7599-LT
San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools Mick Founts talks with a Stockton Police officer. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Two academies at the South Stockton campus of the San Joaquin County Office of Education were locked down for about an hour Friday morning when a half dozen witnesses reported seeing three teens — including one with a hand gun — riding bicycles in the area.

A text from one of the classroom staffers notified a sister that they were in lockdown starting at 10:30 a.m. They were all under their desks – asking for prayer, not knowing how serious the lockdown was, but aware it wasn’t just a drill.

Superintendent of the County Schools Mick Founts said the lockdown involved 400 students attending classes at Venture and Excel academies west of the headquarters building.  While the initial information was second hand, he said one of the witnesses was a teacher setting off the call for a lockdown.

Stockton Police officers and Sheriff’s deputies converged on the campus on Arch Road west of Highway 99 and north of Stockton Metro Airport. They cordoned off the roadways in front and behind the schools.  Traffic was diverted by security officers. Many motorists were parents trying to find out if their kids were OK.

The all-clear was sounded about an hour later with parents allowed to pick up their students and take them home if they wished.