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Ripon Unified may honor David Luis

 Trustees of the Ripon Unified School District are considering renaming the Clinton School Farm.
They’re looking to honor the memory of David M. Luis, who passed away in 2016.
“Dave was a graduate of Ripon High and spent his life in agriculture, working on his family’s farm growing almonds and swine production,” said Ripon Consolidated District Fire Chief Dennis Bitters in his letter to the school board.
For years, Luis served as a member on the RHS Agricultural Advisory Committee, working alongside the various ag instructors while sharing his invaluable years of experience in the field to countless students.
He also remained as a 4-H leaders until his passing, Bitters said.
“I can think of no one more fitting tribute to this true leader in our community than to honor him by renaming the school farm that he loved so much,” he added.
Trustee Ernie Tyhurst agreed.
“The school farm has always needed an identity,” he said at last Tuesday’s school board meeting.
His colleague Leo Zuber added: “When you name a place in honor of a person, significantly, it takes on a different identity.”
Elected leaders, as a whole, supported the name change in honor of Luis.
Kit Oase, however, wants to make sure that the proper procedures are followed, recommending that the process go to the Citizen Advisory Committee, in accordance to board policy, before coming back to the board for voting.