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School district farm trailer goes to auction
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A red and blue trailer that has been deemed no longer useful to the Manteca Unified School District Farm will be sold to the highest bidder.

The process will be by sealed bid with the minimum bid set at $500. Before the start of the bidding, the district will first file a legal advertisement in the local newspaper called a Notice Inviting Bids, which is required by law. Money collected from the sale of the pull-behind trailer will go to the District Farm account. The trailer was being utilized by both the district farm and East Union High School.

The Board of Trustees approved the disposal of the trailer by unanimous vote Tuesday night. The board has to declare the item as obsolete before the trailer can be offered for sale. There was no discussion on this item which was listed in the consent calendar of the agenda where items are approved cumulatively by the board if no further comments are needed.

The trailer is described as no longer working. Its floor is rotting out and it would be more expensive for the district to have it repaired.

Also declared as obsolete by the Board of Trustees Tuesday evening are several technology equipment including several computers in the district’s IT Department. This collection electronic equipment has been collected during the last 10 years and had been used for parts. As with the farm trailer, repairing them would be more costly for the district than their actual value which is why they are being disposed.

The collection includes HP, Dell. iMac, and Gateway computers as well as scanners and printers. They fall under electronic waste, so they will be sold to a California-certified recycler. Any funds collected will go to the district’s general fund to offset processing costs.