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A new school year, new styles & fashion
Jesse James 4th Grade
At least, Jesse James is loyal. He wears nothing but Shaun White clothing down to his underwear, said mother Sarah McDaniel. - photo by Photo Contributed

Back to school fashion is constantly evolving.

It’s no different in Manteca, Ripon, and Lathrop.

Caanan Baca, 15, is a freshman at Lathrop High. He used to attend to Big Valley Christian in Modesto prior to moving.

Baca broke down the do’s and don’ts of back to school fashion, highlighting the clothing styles currently popular in high school and junior high.

The term currently used to describe someone with a high fashion sense is having “swag”.

“Beanies are really big for both boys and girls,” Baca said. “Slim jeans, not necessarily spandex, just slim. You don’t want spandex because that’s too much. You got V-necks for both guys and girls. Combat boots are pretty cool, tank tops and of course the high (Nike) Elite socks.”

Baca also noted that there are different styles and fashions for different crowds of students. He broke down the athletic look, along with the rest of them.

“The jocks are pretty much wearing khaki shorts, tank tops, snap-back hats and stuff like that,” Baca said. “The hipsters are wearing beanies, V-necks, skinny jeans and Toms or Vans – skater-type shoes.

“Pretty much everybody wears Vans and Toms. That, and beanies are accepted in every category.”

Most Manteca-area schools don’t enforce a uniform a policy, aside from St. Anthony’s, preschool through eighth grade private Catholic school that enforces a stricter dress code, Great Valley charter school on Button Avenue, and the newly opened River Islands Technology Academy charter school in Lathrop.

Other area schools such as Shasta and Neil Hafley are a little more lenient when it comes to how they allow their students to dress.

“There could be a free-dress day,” said 12-year old Samuel Ward, an incoming seventh grader at St. Anthony’s. “But if I was going to a different school, fashion would basically be, for a guy, probably wearing basketball shorts with Nike Elite (socks) and some Vans. Or you could be wearing skinny jeans with high tops with (tank top) shirts for guys. That’s a new fashion.”

Aside from the skater shoe, Air Jordans are still in the market and considered stylish, according to Ward, who has both of his ears pierced and wears snapbacks as well.

Considering there is no mall in Manteca per se, the local youth have to seek out other department stores to do their school shopping.

“I dig Rue 21, it’s over by Costco,” Baca said. “They have super legit clothes. Burlington Coat Factory, everything is half-price. You can get colognes and watches and cool coats and jackets, all name-brand stuff. I don’t even care, I’ll go thrift shopping if I find something cool. I like to do my shopping online, too.”

Along with certain styles of clothing that are trendy, there are also several brands that are considered hip.

“Wolfgang, Diamond Supply Co., Pink Dolphin and California Republic are all popular brands,” said 12-year old Jared Kotch, who attends Shasta.