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Stella Brockman 6th graders go for gold
Madison Willox competes in the javelin toss. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Sixth graders at Stella Brockman School took part in their version of the annual Greek Olympic Games on Friday.

It was part of an exercise conducted by teachers Jennifer Riback, Linda Schneider and Erick Kimball.

“We’re learning about Ancient Greece in our Social Studies’ Ancient Civilization Curriculum,” said Riback, who noted that about 100 students from the school’s three sixth-grade classrooms participated in the various event held in the backfield.

They represented the Greek states of Sparta, Athens and Corinth.

Students also competed while wearing togas made of bed sheets as borrowed from their home.

Among the events were the 100-yard dash, javelin, shotput, discus, team relays and long jump.

Students didn’t use an actual shot put or discus. “We didn’t want them getting hurt,” Riback said.

Instead, a large fishing weight was used in place of shotput while plastic flying discs were substituted for the discus.

In addition, the winners of each event – along with their state – were recognized at an awards ceremony.

“We were excited to have an opportunity to bring some of the curriculum to life for our students,” Riback said.

At the conclusion of the games, youngsters enjoyed a Greek meal consisting of gyro, baklava, and grape juice from a wine glass.