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Woodward School principal gets stuck for a buck
WoodwardDSC 1471a
It was all in good fun for the Lymphoma Foundation – taping Walter Woodward Elementary School Principal Sherrie Jamero to a plywood backboard Friday noon. Students had to give up a buck for the privilege. Eighth graders from left are Arnel Surnip, Najiva Afzal and Eryka Rubio; top, from left, Megan Gonzales, Dominique Stevens, Savina Brandi, and Damon Miramontes. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Friday members of the Walter Woodward Elementary School leadership class were busy organizing a fund raiser for the Lymphoma Foundation of America by taping up their principal Sherrie Jamero during the noon hour.

Called “stuck for a buck” students entered the school’s multi-purpose room on their lunch breaks and dropped dollar bills into a collection bottle for the opportunity to stick strips of duck tape across their principal’s body securing her to a cutout plywood backboard they found in a standing position next to the stage.

School volunteer Christ Madsen cut out the cookie cutter shaped board in the silhouette of a human body.  He was also on hand to pop popcorn for students who were receiving a special treat later in the day.

The first, second and third graders were a little more timid than the older students in carrying out the privilege in putting Jamero temporarily out of commission.  Relatively new to Woodward School, Jamero said the yearbook/leadership teacher asked if she would be willing to give it a try to raise funds and she agreed.

Eighth grader Eryka Rubio explained that the leadership students are from a combination yearbook/leadership class at the school.  Students were simultaneously handing out popcorn to classes that had proven they could go along for a period of time without calling fellow class mates embarrassing names – referred to as “dissing.”

When students are heard being rude to others they are often written up with citations by teachers and yard duty teachers.  It is those citations that keep entire classes from receiving those coveted bags of popcorn – often standing out above the rest.