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Falling power poles damage homes
Truck snags line; pole takes out chimney & trees
Pole downed DSC 3503
A downed power pole hangs over the swimming pool where Sandy Reis had been relaxing. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Sandy Reis was catching some rays poolside in her backyard Tuesday morning when she was startled by a falling high voltage power pole that ended up hanging over her home with intact  electric lines keeping it from smashing into the roof.
It was part of a chain reaction shortly after 10:30 a.m. Tuesday after a semi-truck snagged a drooping PG&E power line that resulted in three power poles tumbling down. One of the poles turned into a battering ram hitting a home on the north end of the block, flying across a roof and taking out the chimney and six trees in the front yard.
Dennis and Sandy Reis were relaxing and doing chores when they were startled  by a loud noise.
Dennis Reis was in the house when he heard what sounded like an explosion while his wife was lying on a chaise lounge next to the diving board of their swimming pool as the pole was broken off at the ground as if it were being shot by a sling shot.  A high voltage line had been snagged in front of their home by a Las Vegas delivery truck owned by M.C. Carrier that was traveling northbound.
The line did not break and the tension was what apparently caused the damage to the home and to two other poles across Grant Avenue. 
The trucker stopped within 150 feet and the driver exited without being injured. The line was seen still snagged across the front of his tractor.  Manteca Firefighters evacuated two homes on Grant Avenue and three on Grant Court following the accident.  Red colored fire department danger tape kept onlookers away from the scene and at a safe distance.  Although the power had been shut off, the lines were still considered dangerous.
Sandy Reis said she was shocked by the explosive noise and seeing the pole fly over her roof with two lines dropping to a point above the pool where she was relaxing on the chaise lounge.  Firefighters, police and a PG&E lineman were quick to arrive on the scene.
It was unclear how many homes in the area were without power Tuesday night. A PG&E crew was working throughout the evening to restore power to the neighborhood.  Firefighters used chain saws to clear the front yard of branches and tree trunks from the family’s damaged birch trees.