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Google Plus Today originates from Manteca
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One of the top-rated podcast shows is based out of Manteca.

Dennis Freitas serve as host for “Google Plus Today,” which is currently being beta tested – that’s a term used by online companies for the sampling stages to consumers – for the newest social network, Google+.

“A podcast is radio on demand,” he said on Friday.

Google+ began with limited field testing last month and is expected to compete with Facebook. Freitas and others in the industry are expecting Google+ to surpass Facebook thanks in part to its mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and other Microsoft products. Free podcast episodes of “Google Plus Today” can be downloaded or subscribed via iTunes.

“On our last show, we talked about saving your photos and protecting your identity online,” he said.

Freitas and his wife, Denise, serve as a two-person crew while operating from their Manteca home. They’ve been here for nearly 13 years, relocating from the Bay Area.

Denise handles the books, sets the appointments and occasionally takes notes. “I mainly work behind the scene,” she said.

Dennis, who’s adept at web design, photography and film editing, has hosted and produced other podcasts over the years including “Your Mac Show.”

“That was a show about all things Macintosh,” he added.

His current project was three years in the making but recently skyrocketed up the charts since its debut a few weeks ago.

“Google Plus Today” cracked into the Top 10 on July 10, besting the likes of NBC News and Joyce Meyers.

“We’re the resource for teaching people how to use Google+,” said Freitas, who doesn’t consider himself an expert on the matter. “I have the experts come on my show.”

He was recently in awe when Chicago Sun-Times columnist Andy Ihnatko, who is highly respected in the tech community for his reports on the latest trends and innovations, agreed to come on his show.

The podcast information provided by Freitas has benefited many online users, including Stephanie Hobbs of Ripon.

“Dennis’ podcasts helped us avoid the frustration of learning everything from scratch,” she wrote in her customer review. “He and his guests take an informational (and potentially boring) subject and make it interesting and engaging.”

Freitas does most of his podcasting from home, with his recording schedule – two audio and one video – taking place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

He has plans of expanding his operation and relocating the “Google Plus Today” studio to a business venue in Manteca.

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