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Lathrop bumps retirement age to 60 for all new hires
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LATHROP – Anybody the City of Lathrop hires in the next three years won’t be able to access retirement benefits until they are 60 years of age.

The Lathrop City Council adopted a resolution of intention and introduced an ordinance Monday to approve the CalPERS contract amendment that was agreed up between staffers and the two main employee unions – the Lathrop Mid-Mangers and Confidential Employees Association and the Service Employees International Union – during contract negotiations.

CalPERS – the California Public Employees Retirement System – requires that the city’s current contract be amended in order to implement the agreed upon two-tier retirement formula. And a specific timeline is required to also adhere to their requirements.

Vice Mayor Christopher Mateo wanted to know whether there was any chance for future revocation of the change – which previously allowed employees to retire at 55. Neighborhood and Community Services Director Becky Enneking told him that the contract is renegotiated every three years.

Since the council has already adopted a resolution establishing unrepresented staff member’s benefits similar to represented employees – with both the City Manager and the City Attorney agreeing to participate in the process. Because of that, the two-tier retirement formula still applies to unrepresented employees.

Those who have been laid off that may be brought back prior to the end of their priority hiring status being dissipated may still be eligible to retire at 55 if they’re rehired. Enneking said that staff will check with CalPERS to determine their status and let the council know.